Overdraft Transfer Service

Protect your personal or DBA checking account from overdrafts by linking to your savings, money market, or another checking account.

How does the Overdraft Transfer Service work?

Funds will automatically be transferred from the available balance in the linked account if an overdraft occurs on the covered account. One transfer occurs during nightly processing to cover the overdrawn balance, regardless of the number of transactions that create an overdraft.

Is this service available on all checking accounts?

No. The Overdraft Transfer Service is only available on personal accounts and on DBA (sole-proprietor) accounts. Businesses needing this type of service should discuss other options with a personal banker.

Is there a fee?

A $10 transfer fee is charged only if a transfer occurs. One transfer will occur during nightly processing to cover the overdrawn balance; there is not a transfer for each transaction that overdraws the account.

Which account is charged the $10 fee?

The fee is charged to the account that has become overdrawn (the protected account). The transfer amount will include funds to cover the overdrawn amount plus the transfer fee.

How much will transfer at a time?

You can choose to have only the amount needed or you can request an incremental amount—for example, $100 increments.

How do I sign up?

You have several options. You can print and complete the Authorization form and mail it in; you can visit any office; or you can call us. We look forward to assisting you!

More questions?

Please give us a call at 888-897-2276.