Expedited Payment

Send payments overnight!

Heartland Bank's Expedited Payment service allows you to send payments overnight via Federal Express!

What is the Expedited Payment fee?

The fee for this service is $19.95. You must have sufficient funds for the fee and payment amount at the time you submit the payment.

How can I make an Expedited Payment?

  1. Log into your Online Banking, then Bill Pay, and select Expedited Payments under the Payee tab.
  2. Complete the Expedited Payments screen. Fields marked with an * are required.
  3. Click Continue. The address is validated, funds verified to be sufficient for the $19.95 fee and the payment amount.
  4. Receive an online package tracking number. This number is also available in your Bill Pay History.

If I added a merchant/payee today, can I immediately make an Expedited Payment?

Your Bill Pay Payee List is not used for the Expedited Payment feature. You will enter all information regarding the payment on the Expedited Payment screen. Some fields are required. This address is validated, funds in your selected account are verified to be sufficient for the $19.95 fee and the payment amount, and a confirmation tracking number will be given.

What merchants/payees are eligible for Expedited Payments?

Merchants/payees who can accept paper check payments and are within the continental U.S. are eligible for Expedited Payments. You must have a deliverable Federal Express address and initiate payment prior to 6:00 pm Central Time for next business day delivery.

Can I make an Expedited Payment after hours or on a Saturday?

Expedited Payments submitted by you on a non-Federal Reserve business day, weekend, holiday, or submitted by you after the weekday cutoff time of 6:00 pm Central Time will be sent the following Federal Reserve business day for the next business day delivery. You will be charged a fee for each Expedited Payment you submit. Expedited Payments submitted without complete or accurate information will not be processed.

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