Commercial Account Manager

Commercial Account Manager (CAM) is the solution for running a more efficient and profitable business!

Once the sign-up process is complete, you can access CAM safely and securely from any computer with an Internet connection. It’s simple and secure!

Plus, you can set up multiple users with distinct passwords and privileges. Manage all of your business accounts, make secure financial transactions, and access financial data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now that’s banking made easy!

What does this mean to you?

CAM is a convenient online tool that allows you to:

  • Issue ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions
  • Offer employees direct deposit of their payroll to save your business time and money—and give employees faster access to their payroll!
  • Collect rent, club fees, tuition, tithing, or any number of other payments to improve your cash flow and offer convenience to your customers!
  • Initiate electronic tax payments (EFTPS) at your convenience and without leaving the office
  • View your business account balances and activity any time, 24/7
  • Quickly and easily transfer funds between your Heartland Bank business accounts
  • Set balance alerts so you’ll be notified if your business account needs attention
  • Reconcile payments in our convenient, online environment
  • Place stop payments online whenever necessary
  • Initiate wire transfers

Of course, we’re ready to assist you with training and continuous support!

CAM services

  • Review account status
  • Set balance alerts
  • Reconcile payments
  • Place stop payments
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Issue Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions
  • Conduct internal transfers

At Heartland Bank, we’ll work with you to design a system that will meet the expectations and cost objectives for the current and future needs of your business. We’re ready to assist with training and continuous support for our CAM clients!

Questions? Contact us today to learn more about Commercial Account Manager!

Barb Carr,
Assistant Vice President
Treasury Management
309-662-4444 x2374*

*This e-mail link is for general inquiries only. It is not secure e-mail. For your protection, please do not include confidential or sensitive information such as social security numbers, account numbers, etc. when using this e-mail link. Please note: secure e-mail is provided on the menu bar within your Heartland Bank Online.