Collecting funds in a timely manner is critical to managing cash flow.

The following services are available to help you streamline your banking so you can get back to business.

Direct Debiting

Imagine the convenience of collecting payments electronically! Businesses that collect recurring payments electronically can experience savings by reducing and eliminating trips to the bank, handwritten deposit slips, processing fees, as well as printing and postage expenses associated with the mailing of invoices.


Accelerate your receivables collection with our Lockbox service! Think of all you will be able to accomplish if you let us process your deposits for you. We even gather any information you need from remittance stubs or checks, format it, and make it available to you daily so you can upload it into your accounting software. This improves your cash flow, and saves time in accounting—while maintaining the quality of your records, and reducing the risk of fraud. You’ll receive credit for funds faster, decrease processing time, and reduce expenses.

Remote Deposit

Let Heartland Bank bring the bank to you. Taking advantage of Remote Deposit allows you to eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank by facilitating check deposits from the comfort and convenience of your place of business. Remote Deposit is your simple, one-stop solution to electronically process and record check deposits.

Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services makes it easy for you to offer customers a wide variety of payment options - from credit cards and debit cards, to gift cards and checks.

Cash Vault Depositing

Heartland Bank and Trust offers vault deposit procedures for large cash deposits and cash and coin orders. This is a safe and easy method for processing your cash.

  • Increase safety
  • Saves time and money
  • Flexible and easy to use